The Worlds’ Most Agile, Flexible, Extensible Manufacturing Operations Management Platform

TrakSYS is a manufacturing execution system (MES) platform that expertly manages every facet of operational workflow, production processes, quality, and performance for significant productivity improvement.

From receipt of raw material, through production to shipping, warehousing, and distribution, TrakSYS is focused on providing manufacturers the clear, contextualized, actionable intelligence needed to streamline inventory management, production, quality, and maintenance.

INVENTORY: Maintain tight control of inventory to increase production efficiency and reduce working capital requirements.

PRODUCTION: Plan, schedule, dispatch, process, package, and deliver goods as efficiently and effectively as possible.

QUALITY: Gain insights into the causes of poor quality and create a closed-loop system of quality management.

MAINTENANCE: Boost equipment performance and analyze machine data to help maximize overall productivity through predictive maintenance.

TrakSYS has been deployed at over 11,000 plants worldwide in diverse industries with common challenges to improve manufacturing performance, productivity, and overall business results.

Business Value Highlights:

  • 9 months to payback
  • 454% three-year ROI
  • $3.25 million total new revenue gained annually
  • $2.32 million savings in material costs
  • 30% faster correction of manufacturing errors
  • 28% fewer manufacturing errors
  • 13% improved order delivery time
  • 12% more productive manufacturing floor staff
  • 6% more productive quality control teams
  • 4% more productive maintenance teams

Advance Your Industrial Operational Data and Processes for the Next-Level

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