Creating a World that Doesn’t Break Down

Predictive Maintenance to Increase Safety, Improve Asset Performance and Reduce Emissions

Using predictive maintenance technology, Aspen Mtell delivers the earliest, most accurate warning of equipment failures. It also uses machine learning to recognize precise patterns in operating data that indicate degradation and impending failure—well before it happens.

Increase Equipment Reliability

Drive safe and reliable operations by getting early and accurate warnings on impending failure by deploying AI and machine learning powered agents.

Reduce Maintenance and Operational Costs

Reduce unnecessary or emergency maintenance activities by planning around or eliminating downtime for improved scheduling, spares management and increased productivity.

Improve Efficiency, Meet Sustainability Metrics

Reduce waste (leaks, emissions and resources) by mitigating potential issues earlier and minimizing equipment outages to improve worker safety and meet ESG goals.

The Aspen Mtell Difference

Improving Asset Reliability

  • Consolidated alert management dashboard that provides prioritization, context and recommended actions for alert mitigation
  • Asset templates to select sensors for common asset categories and AI functionality to create and deploy agents
  • Ready-to-use FMEA library to associate alerts with prescriptive actions
  • Aspen Fidelis™ integration to drive risk adjusted data-driven decisions

Advance Your Industrial Operational Data and Processes for the Next-Level

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