System Performance, Quantification, and Risk Analysis

Aspen Fidelis is a digital simulation modeling tool that enables manufacturers to accurately predict the future performance and cost of complex operational systems, delivering the best possible ROI and performance outcomes from their decisions.

Guide, Improve, and Accelerate Strategic Decision-Making

Manufacturing involves many moving parts, people, and processes. Prioritizing spending decisions while accounting for all functions impacted can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Whether planning for capital expenditures or adjusting operations and maintenance strategies, the full impact of decisions is difficult to fully assess.

Aspen Fidelis users can go beyond individual equipment analysis and evaluate outcomes of decisions for the plant as whole by inputting controlled assumptions to:

  • Model “What if” scenarios to compare the financial impact and potential risk criticality of alternative decisions and improvement opportunities.
  • Track and forecast system performance across the asset lifecycle (e.g., production, availability utilization, revenue, and costs).
  • Identify major process and equipment redundancies and by-passes to improve efficiency.
  • Optimize asset maintenance strategy and stock level of spares.

Advance Your Industrial Operational Data and Processes for the Next-Level

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