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Enhance your organization’s triple bottom line – People, Planet, and Profits – with cloud-native software applications from BlueMarvel. Gain deep knowledge to tackle universal operating challenges with Operational Technologies (OT), process engineering, and advanced Information Technologies (IT), such as AI/ML, that focus on Safety and Risk, Energy and Emissions, and Performance and Reliability.

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People are the most important asset. Empower them to run a safe and efficient operation.

Alarm and event data generated by automation systems has traditionally been stranded in the industrial site yet holds tremendous value for various users throughout industrial organizations. BlueMarvel.OperationsMetrics provides real-time monitoring and visibility into industrial process alarm and event data (benchmarked against ISA-18.2/EEUMA-191), the status of bypasses, and the number of operator actions.

  • Examine bad actors and process updates
  • Monitor alarming KPIs and control bypasses
  • Investigate alarm flooding situations
  • Evaluate operator behavior between shifts
  • Track changes and manual interventions


A Smart Device talks, but no one is listening. Now there’s a way to hear them.

The age of distributed computing has made every device smarter – including valves, measurement, VFDs, SIS, fire and gas, and heat trace. Unlocking this data with BlueMarvel. OTSupport transforms the ability of sites to run reliably and assess the root cause of disruptions faster than ever before.

  • Centralize all smart device alerts
  • Analyze the health of OT assets
  • Track asset inventory for instrumentation


From PID to Advanced Process Control, take control of plant performance.

Typically, 75% of physical assets are under process control and their performance is the foundation of success. Poor control can lead to a cascade of problems, ultimately impacting the financial performance of the operation – including negative impact to plant throughput, product quality, yields and conversions, and energy consumption.

With BlueMarvel.ControlPerformance, plants can calculate the health of all control algorithms, track uptime, and prioritize areas that require the most attention.

  • Benchmark the health and examine the history of control loops
  • Quickly identify and address problem areas
  • Include instrumentation health in control performance


Unlock peak performance in crucial industrial assets.

BlueMarvel.ProcessMonitoring leverages cutting-edge smart technologies to reduce unplanned downtime, production bottlenecks, and maintenance costs associated with rotary kiln operations management. With a focus on asset integrity and operational excellence, the application empowers teams to maintain kiln health and maximize efficiency, translating into cost savings and increased productivity for these critical industrial assets.

  • Kiln management made easy
  • Identify temperature abnormalities along the external shell
  • Track the status of critical assets


Pinpoint when and where energy is being lost or wasted.

Whether it’s energy, chemicals, utilities, or other consumables – BlueMarvel.Energy dynamically tracks consumption and generation versus AI-calculated targets, keeps a facility’s energy goals on track, and accelerates the move towards ISO-50001 energy management.

  • Monitor real-time KPIs with dynamic baselines
  • Top violators and bad actors
  • Track resource flows (generation/consumption) across the facility••
  • Diagnose equipment level issues

Advance Your Industrial Operational Data and Processes for the Next-Level

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