Drive Performance Improvements and Optimize Decision Making

Aspen IP.21 is an industrial process historian that collects and stores large volumes of continuous time series data and provides organizations the ability to monitor, visualize and analyze plant operations and process data in real-time to identify problems, their causes and improvement opportunities.

Its flexible, scalable infrastructure enables data collection from multiple sources, including automation and control systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, other historians and third-party applications. It includes KPI management, OEE, alerts, analytics and pattern search in one web-based environment and provides the foundation for advanced analytics that extends to maintenance and supply chain functions.

Aspen IP.21 provides a consistent operation, monitoring, and analysis environment agnostic in terms of historian or DCS infrastructure. You can take advantage of high-performance connectivity for all assets, regardless of age or location.

Key Benefits

Advance Your Industrial Operational Data and Processes for the Next-Level

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