CMMS Connector Enables Bi-Directional Interface Between Shiftconnector and Maximo


Site enables bi-directional interface between Shiftconnector and Maximo.

CMMS Connector Enables Bi-Directional Interface Between Shiftconnector and Maximo
Site enhances communication and enables collaboration between operations and maintenance teams.


A large manufacturer has eschbach Shiftconnector® Enterprise Platform and IBM Maximo® Application suite installed at its plant.

Operators use Shiftconnector daily, but they don’t regularly work in Maximo, and it is inconvenient for them to access the application, so they typically don’t initiate work orders directly or have visibility into asset repair status and future asset availability.


Plant management engaged Adatafy, a Novaspect trademark, and eschbach Shiftconnector solution partner, to implement a CMMS connector integrating Shiftconnector and Maximo.

Key components of this Digital Workflow Solution included:

  • Work order initiation from Shiftconnector: Authorized operators gained the ability to initiate work orders directly from Shiftconnector, eliminating the need to log into Maximo.
  • Real-time work order status visibility: All operators and supervisors could visualize the status of work orders within Shiftconnector, regardless of who initiated them and whether they were initiated in Shiftconnector or in Maximo.
  • Synchronized data: Any updates made to the data hierarchy in Maximo is synchronized with Shiftconnector, with Maximo serving as primary.   

Additional features included:

  • Connectivity status alerts: If connectivity between Shiftconnector and Maximo is ever interrupted, Shiftconnector and Maximo users are promptly notified.
  • Embedded Store and Forward:  In the event of a communication disruption, data between Shiftconnector and Maximo is securely stored and seamlessly transferred once the connection is restored, ensuring no loss of data.
  • Multi-directional connections: The solution allows for the integration of multiple software platforms with Maximo simultaneously, enabling expanded functionality and flexibility.
  • Agnostic interface: The solution demonstrates compatibility with various CMMS solutions, including Maximo, SAP, eMaint, Mapcon, Maintenance Connection, AiM, Limble, Fiix, TrakSYS, Infor, and others.


Implementing the CMMS connector and integrating Shiftconnector and Maximo resulted in several positive outcomes.

With Shiftconnector now serving as the system of record for event management, operators have become more accountable for logging and tracking events from initiation to resolution and documenting known conditions at the time of occurrence.

Leveraging the automation solution and knowledge base provided by Shiftconnector facilitates real-time visibility of asset status and repair tracking, enhances team collaboration, expands decision-making capabilities, and improves response options for future events.

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